Half Man Half Orange, 2015
Reader, offset print, edition 400, 284 pp, 12 x 17 cm


Published by Werkplaats Typografie / ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
Edited by Daniel Frota, Menelaos Kouroudis and Maxine Kopsa
Designed by Daniel Frota

If magic is sometimes very close to nothing at all, it might be possible indeed to mistake one for the other. No wonder language found its origin in myths. This summer reader is about the cup of coffee that keeps us awake every morning. How much of it has to do with caffeine and how much of it with our will to believe in rituals? Amen.

Contributions by Amir Avraham, Rodrigo Bleque, Fred Cave, Cecília Costa, Yana Foqué, Daniel Frota, Virginie Gauthier, Daria Kiseleva, Mathew Kneebone, Fay Kolokytha, Menealos Kouroudis, Jungmyung Lee, Iván Martinez, Pedro Moraes, Laura Pappa, Christine Pogatchnik and Maria Jimena Sanchez.