, 2013
Publication, offset print, edition 200, 23.5 x 17 cm
with Padraig Robinson

Published by Dutch Art Institute and Casco Art Institute
Written by Padraig Robinson and Daniel Frota
Edited by Janine Armin, Binna Choi, Yolande van der Heide and Benjamin Thorel
Designed by Daniel Frota

A conversation between Padraig Robinson and Daniel Frota, where writing was used to explore the nature of discourse around images. The starting point was from an image published on The Guardian website: a photograph taken by a Israeli soldier and published in his personal Instagram page of a Palestinian child’s head in the middle of his rifle’s aim. The two different approaches and modes of looking at this image resulted in parallel threads of thinking concerning the pictorial artifact.

This collaboration perhaps suggested that strange nature of images in general, even those that could be considered political at a given moment, have a very unusual condition within the online, digital circulation of social networking. The violent nature of the image, and its place within a wider economy of Instagram, is discussed here through two individual perspectives and through two distinct artistic practices that have the manipulation and relation between image and text in common.